Celebratory Collaboration: HLAA and ALDA Boston Chapters

“Collaboration” was the theme of Celebration ’14 – the May 10th evening of fun, learning, and inspiration at MIT in Cambridge,  planned by the Boston Chapters of Hearing Loss Association of America and the Association of Late Deafened Adults to salute the work of the many hearing loss support groups and hearing health professionals in our region.

Members of the hearing loss community from all over New England gathered together for a program of three presentations.

In her opening remarks, Massachusetts Commissioner for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Heidi Reed discussed the importance of partnerships among hearing healthcare professionals and hearing loss support agencies and organizations in providing relevant resources to meet the needs of our diverse population of persons with hearing loss.

Accessibility Specialist Valarie Burrows and the Accessibility Department of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston were honored with the Excellence in Accessible Programming Award for providing exceptional resources to those with physical and sensory disabilities.

Finally, our guests were treated to a performance of the outrageously funny – and very powerful – “Ear Rage” by its author, the renowned hearing loss advocate, Gael Hannan.

A reception followed the presentations, where guests mingled with old friends and new acquaintances until well after closing time!

Deep appreciation to  our sponsors – Oticon, Shanahan Sound, Advanced Bionics, Med El, Hamilton Relay, and Sebastien’s Catering.  Special thanks to all of the Celebration ’14 volunteers, especially  Jonathan O’Dell and Carol Agate for their photographs!  Enjoy!

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Celebration ’14–An Evening of Inspiration, Learning and Fun, May 10, 2014

MIT Stratton Student Center, Cambridge, MA

In collaboration with the Boston Chapter, Association of Late Deafened Adults (ALDA)

Planned to honor the work of the many New England hearing loss organizations and chapters that have created a wide range of programs, Celebration ’14 featured the acclaimed actress, writer and hearing loss advocate Gael Hannan in a presentation of her witty yet profound performance piece,   “Ear Rage.”  In addition, we honored Valarie Burrows and the Museum of Fine Arts Boston with an award for excellence in accessible programming.  Guest, Commissioner Heidi Reed, began the program with some words about our diverse hearing loss community.   A light catered reception followed the program, and CART, looping and ASL were provided.

Over 115 individuals from all over New England attended Celebration ’14!

Celebration ’14 was made possible through the generous support of our sponsors:

  • Oticon
  • Shanahan Sound
  • Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • Advanced Bionics
  • Med El
  • Hamilton Relay
  • Sebastiens Catering