Listeners with Hearing Loss and Their Communication Partners – How to Make It Work, May 9, 2015

audience at "Listeners with Hearing Loss and Their Communication Partners – How to Make It Work"An audience of 35 attendees joined together  with psychologist Sam Trychin and rehabilitation audiologist Dusty Jessen at our half-day communication strategies symposium.   The gathering provided a rich opportunity for participants to  acquire information and tools for preventing and reducing hearing loss-related communication difficulties and staying in better touch with our communication partners (and ourselves.)

Attendees enjoyed lunch on the patio at Cornerstone Village Co-housing and received a copy of Dr. Jessen’s manual for hearing loss management, “5 Keys to Communication Success.”

About our presenters:

Sam Trychin is a psychologist in private practice who focuses on psycho-social interventions for people who have hearing loss and their communication partners.  Among his many roles as a therapist and educator, Dr. Trychin serves as the Mental Health and Rehabilitation Advisor to the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA). He has written 15 books, authored several professional book chapters and journal articles, and produced a variety of DVDs focused on strategies for living better with hearing loss. He and his wife, Janet Trychin, an audiologist, frequently conduct workshops and training programs together. Dr. Trychin serves as a faculty member of the Ida Institute of Denmark studying best practices in hearing loss treatment as well as the relationship between persons with hearing loss and their hearing healthcare providers. He has also been Professor of Psychology and the Director of the Living with Hearing Loss Program at Gallaudet University.

Once at the root of the audiology profession, aural rehab has become an often difficult-to-access component of hearing healthcare. Dusty Jessen, Au.D., C.C.C.-A., is a practicing audiologist committed to integrating an aural rehabilitation program of communication management strategies into the services she offers her clients. Her successful “5 Keys to Communication Success” system of materials for patients, their families and friends and hearing healthcare professionals has been widely received as an effective, powerful instrument that can help people with hearing loss to achieve improved communication and well being. Dr. Jessen teaches about her approach to aural rehab at professional conferences and through her writings in the ASHA Leader and has presented a webinar on the HLAA website as well as a workshop at the HLAA Convention.

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