Are You Ready? Emergency Preparedness for People with Hearing Loss

emergency preparedness clip artTitle:  Are You Ready? Emergency Preparedness for People with Hearing Loss

with Lise Hamlin, Director of Public Policy, HLAA and Scott D. Smith, CEP, PFT, Captain/Paramedic

Date: Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Time: 8 PM – 9 PM ET


Most people don’t think about preparing for emergencies until it’s too late. That’s not good for anyone but could be disastrous for someone with a hearing loss. This webinar will bring you the latest on emergency access, how you can prepare and what government and industry are working on to make the technologies we use every day more helpful in emergencies.

photo of Scott SmithFor 20 years, Scott Smith has worked as an EMS for Rincon Valley Fire District in Arizona, as an EMT instructor for Coconino County Community College, and as a Captain and Paramedic in Flagstaff, Arizona. Scott also has a degree as an electronics engineer, developing software for court reporting and captioning industries. Scott, working with his wife, Deanna Baker, provides assistance to the many CART reporters at the annual Convention of the Hearing Loss Association of America, ensuring the audiovisuals seamlessly link to the CART and captioning throughout the convention. He also helps troubleshoot problems with the many assistive listening devices throughout the Convention site.

Lisa HamlinLise Hamlin joined the Hearing Loss Association of America’s (HLAA) national staff as director of public policy in April 2008. Lise, who has a hearing loss herself, has worked as an advocate for people with hearing loss for over 20 years. She currently represents HLAA on federal advisory committees, industry advisory groups, and consumer coalitions. She has also taken part in developing, maintaining and presenting training programs on hearing assistive technology and on emergency preparedness. Lise receives emails and calls daily from consumers with hearing loss who experience barriers to hearing health care, employment, technology, access to public places and telecommunications access. She works directly with consumers to help overcome those barriers.