Registration Is Now Open For the ALDA/HLAA Accessible Tour at the MFA on Saturday, September 21

Sue Schy writes on

From: Francine Stieglitz <>
Date: September 3, 2019 at 9:43:31 AM EDT
To: Francine Stieglitz <>
Subject: Registration is now open for the ALDA/HLAA Accessible tour at the MFA on Saturday, September 21

Please join us for our upcoming tour “The MFA and Boston Collectors: 19th Century to Mid 20th Century Paintings.”  “The MFA has been fortunate to have many collectors and donors of a wide range of objects over its 149 years. We will focus on an early group of collectors and explore the why, what and where of their collections. As we visit these objects, we’ll understand the impact of these collectors on the American and European permanent collections. It’s an exciting facet of the MFA’s history and growth to the world-renowned museum we have today.”

1.  To register, email Ronit Michom at or call 617-369-3189.

2.  In the subject line, put the name of the tour  (MFA and Boston Collectors),  the date (September 21), and the time of the tour  (10:30 a.m.).

3.  Indicate whether you want a neckloop or a head set. If you need only an ALD receiver, please specify .  If you plan to use your own equipment and want the guide to wear an additional microphone, then please specify.

4.  Please arrive 15 minutes early to get your neckloop and headset and to make sure that they are working.

5.  Remember that there is a limit of one guest with you.  You must register your guest whether or not an ALD is needed.

6.  Tours will leave from the Linde Family Wing Entrance, which is on Museum Road.

7.  Email  if you register and are then unable to attend.

8.  Registration closes on Friday, September 13 unless the tour fills up before that time.

If you have registered and are unable to attend, please let our tour leader Karen Moss ( and Ronit Minchom (  know via email even if it is the day of the tour.

Please note:  If fewer than 6 people register for the tour, the tour will be canceled.