Aural Rehabilitation – The Gold Standard in Hearing Health Care

This program offered an understanding of aural rehabilitation (“A.R.”) and how it supplements and enhances audiologic care that focuses primarily on hearing aids and cochlear implants.  We learned about some of the specific A.R. practices in audiology and how they can help people with hearing loss to increase well being and communication success.

Dr. Cienkowski’s work as an audiologist is distinguished by her commitment to the investigation and development of models for patient centered care.  Currently, she is Associate Professor of Audiology in the School of Communication Disorders at University of Connecticut in nearby Storrs, just an hour south of Boston.  As Director of the Aural Rehabilitation Laboratory at UConn, Dr. Cienkowski explores the development of aural rehabilitation programs that will improve the use and benefits of amplification and studies the psychological and social issues underlying acceptance of amplification. Among her many contributions to the field of hearing loss treatment, Dr. Cienkowski has served in a variety of leadership capacities with principle audiology professional organizations, helping to inform fellow audiologists about the relevance of A.R. as an important component of hearing healthcare.  She is a regular contributor to HLAA New England chapter programs.