A New Take on the Audiogram Designed by Someone with Hearing Loss

Thank you to Betty Hauck for highlighting Shari Ebert’s latest blog post at


Betty says, “Some of you may know of Shari Eberts who has been circulating the petition that, along with media coverage, finally got Zoom to agree to provide captioning on free Zoom accounts.

Shari has a terrific blog which I highly recommend, and you can sign up to get a notification every time she has a new post. I’m fascinated by her latest post which is about a new way to visualize the audiogram and is the brainchild of Jay Alan Zimmerman, deaf composer and musician. I never really understood the audiogram even though it’s been explained to me multiple times, but I understood this new one immediately. Instead of depicting the hearing of the individual as a deviation from normal i.e. the loss, it focuses on what hearing the individual DOES have and not just in the range of speech.  I highly recommend reading this blog post:

A New Take on the Audiogram Designed by Someone with Hearing Loss

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H.O.P.E- Hearing Our Personal Experiences

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