The Future of Hearing Loss and the Search for a Cure

Sue Schy writes on

Today’s presentation on “The Future of Hearing Loss and the Search for a Cure” was a real eye-opener for me.  As much as I’ve heard about hearing research and gene therapy, I never really knew exactly what it involved or who might benefit from it.  Well, I was enlightened and this cutting edge research sounds like it is on the horizon for countless future generations to benefit from.

Thank you to Akouos and Frequency Therapeutics!

The real purpose of this email, however, is to give you a few websites and links that were mentioned in Dr. Michael McKenna’s ( and Dr. Carl LeBel’s ( talks.

Sing Registry for hearing loss (identifying over 100 genes causing hearing loss): is the site the Dr. LeBel spoke of to help find hearing clinical trials in your area.

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